CASPer- What is CASPer?

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  • Online (internet-based) situational judgment test - test-takers are presented with a series of realistic, hypothetical scenarios and are asked what they would do if they were in each situation.
  • Takes 60-90 minutes to complete with an optional 15-minute break halfway through.
  • Composed of 12 sections, each of which contains a scenario and set of questions based on the scenario.
  • Each section has either a 60- or 90-second video-based scenario or a text-based scenario.
  • Each scenario is followed by three open-ended questions where applicants are asked to type in their responses.
  • Applicants have five minutes to respond to all three questions before they progress to the next scenario.
  • Applicants do not see their scores once they complete the test (similar to other holistic selection methods, such as interviews or personal                   statements). The scores are directly distributed to their selected programs within 3 weeks.