How does an applicant register for the CASPer test?

  • Applicants can register at, where they will sign up with an email address and create a password.
  • Applicants must pay the fee to schedule a test date and time. Note: different dates and times are offered for different institutions, and applicants should check well in advance to see when test dates are offered for the programs they wish to apply to.
  • The fee to take CASPer varies by program type and country. For US graduate programs, such as medicine, physician assistant, etc., the fee is $10 to take the test and $10 to distribute results to each program that the applicant is applying to that requires CASPer. For US undergraduate programs, such as nursing, the fee is $40 to take the test and $10 to distribute results. Test dates and fees can be found here:  
  • Applicants are responsible for indicating which programs their CASPer results are sent to.
  • Applicants will be instructed to complete a system requirements check to ensure their computer and browser are up-to-date and can run the test without technical issues. Note: it is important that the applicant completes this check well ahead of their scheduled test date to ensure they can find a backup computer should they need one, and to familiarize themselves with the test format. 
  • As part of extensive test security measures, applicants must have a working webcam and a valid government photo ID to take the test.
  • Once they complete the test, applicants can be assured their results will be sent to the programs they indicated for distribution.